Mister G'z
Mister G'z
Get Slatherrred Often

Locally Sourced, Sustainably Grown, and Slatherrred with Love


Smoky, satisfying and savory, our slatherrring sauces are a perfect combination for grilled meats and veggies, a go-to ingredient for dipping sauces or chili and even a fun addition to desserts and cocktails. Mr. G’z slatherrring sauces can make a dish go from boring to bold in just a few shakes.

Mr. G’z has what you need to make any meal extraordinary.


The Mr. G'z Story

Mr. G’z Slatherrring sauces are an extraordinary combination of common ingredients which will inspire any culinary creation.

Our founder, Mr.G (a.k.a. Michael Glagola) has been in the restaurant business and specialty foods industry for over 30 years. While living in Winter Park, Colorado, Mr. G was the executive chef at Adolf’s Center & Tavern. One night inspiration struck to create what would later be known as Mr. G’z Original Slatherrring Sauce. After the original sauce’s success, Mike went on to create Mr. G’z spicier little brother, Mr. G’z Keisterville. Since then, he's been spreading the Mr. G'z love all around the country.



We source only the best stuff from the best farmers around town. Based outside of Pittsburgh, PA, we work with local producers and top-quality artisans from around the world to gather ingredients at the peak of freshness to create something fantastic.

Gluten free and made with no high fructose corn syrup, no MSG, and no refined sugar our sauces are crafted with fruit, vegetables, and honey from local farms with sustainability in mind.